InTension is offering its members healthy alternatives

The Coronavirus has forced InTension Health Club Scheveningen to close its doors for the time being. In order to be able to serve its members outside the club we are offering the use of the 24/7 online sports service, FitSnacks.TV. This service allows you to be active at any time of day with additional information and tips about sports, health and lifestyle. FitSnacks.TV is an online TV channel that offers a wide variety of short workouts for everyone and is accessible from your computer, phone and TV. There are also educational videos about training & nutrition available. The workouts are regularly updated.
InTension members can use the Fitsnacks platform for free with a personal club code. Did you miss the newflash containing the personal club code and the step-by-step instructions on how to register? Send an email to and we’ll send you the information again.
The trainers of InTension will also post a WOD every day on the InTension Facebook page. WOD stands for “Workout of the day” and consists of a series of exercises that can be performed in different ways.
By offering all of these options InTension hopes to keep its members fit and healthy! STAY STRONG!