InTension closed until January 19th

Dear InTension member,

As you may have heard, the government has decided to close our doors from Tuesday 15th of December until further notice. Don’t worry, you can definitely stay active in the time being. We will keep you going from a distance.

Starting tomorrow InTension will offer online classes given by our trusted instructors! Follow various workouts and yoga classes via your laptop, phone or computer. Available twice a day, seven days a week. Stay fit, relaxed and healthy with InTension from home!

Here is an overview of the online LIVE classes we will provide for you:

Click here for the lesson schedule

From tonight onwards you will receive an email invitation every evening, to participate in the two classes of the following day. All you have to do is open the class 10 minutes prior to the start of the class and enjoy the LIVE class! The LIVE classes will last approximately 60 minutes.

The instructions in short:
● Open the mail of the class you want to join
● Check whether it is the correct class with the right date and time
● Then click on the orange button that says “Ja ik wil mee doen”
● Click on the “Play” button and wait for the class to begin!

What do you need to follow the LIVE lessons?
● A laptop, computer or phone
● For the Yin Yoga classes: a pillow and a blanket
● For the X-Core lessons: a soda bottle halfway filled with sand or water
● For the Fitness/Total Body workouts: a backpack filled with heavy books, a towel and a drink

If you can’t find our daily emails in your inbox, please check your spam. In case, you haven’t received them, send an email to and we will forward the email invitations to you. Besides, it is possible to watch the class at a later moment, via the emails you will receive. Also then, you will have to press “Ja ik wil mee doen”.

Moreover, we will post weekly workouts on our FaceBook page. So follow InTension on FaceBook now and stay tuned!

Despite the fact that InTension will be closed in the coming period, it will remain accessible to patients of the physiotherapy practice. Check your insurance policy for physiotherapy coverage now and make use of it before the end of the year. The Physiotherapy Scheveningen team is here for you! Make an appointment by calling 0614194008 or 0651981345 (Also available via Whatsapp).Wishing you the best workouts and lots of fun following our online classes!

Stay strong & safe

Warm regards,

The InTension Team