Workshop Reiki & Yin Yoga

Due to the great success of the last one we added an extra workshop Reiki & Yin Yoga in January; the session in November was fully booked, so make sure you register quickly for a spot on the mat!

Treat yourself to a special Reiki & Yin Yoga session to support your physical, mental and emotional health. De subtle energy of Yin Yoga will be combined with the healing power of Reiki.  Both techniques reinforce each other so that after this unique session you immediately experience the self-healing effect in the form of a charged and positive feeling. The workshop consists of carefully selected soft Yin postures that are combined with Reiki. It is not intensive exercising, but taking the time for your body and mind.

The workshop will be held on January 17th from 13:00-15:00 by Damaris; Yoga & Reiki teacher, master with a love for Yin Yoga.

Sunday November 22nd from 13:00h to 15:00h

Fees are €20 for members and €25 for non-members.

Yin Yoga is a calm meditative yoga variation in which the positions are held longer. The positions are performed while sitting or lying down and are mainly aimed at strengthening and relaxing connective tissue and joints. It’s a very relaxing way of doing yoga.
Reiki is a relaxation therapy that can be used for physical and mental complaints. It’s a method that through laying hands releases blocked or extra energy within the body.

 * Suitable for all ages, body types and levels. It is not necessary to have done yoga before