We’re back with HIT IT

HIT IT is a challenging “small group” lesson combining functional strength exercises and high intensity cardio training. Each participant wears a Polar heart rate monitor so that the heart rates can be followed on a large communal screen. The trainer coaches all participants to the correct heart rate zone to achieve the optimal “HIT” effect. This zone is called the “orange zone”, in which the body creates an EPOC effect. As a result, you will not only burn calories during this training, but also a lot after the training! Who’s up for the challenge? HIT IT! See our AUTUMN group lesson schedule for the current lesson times. You can reserve through flow.polar.com. If you don’t have your own account yet:

–       Go to the website flow.polar.com
–       Create a ‘new account’
–       Log in with your new log in details
–       Click on ‘Community’ on the menu at the top of the page
–       Click on ‘Clubs’ in the second menu from the top
–       Look for ‘Intension’
–       Click on the InTension logo
–       Reserve the class you want