Update Lockdown

Dear InTension members,

Unfortunately the government has decided that we have to keep our doors closed until March 2nd.

We fully understand that this extended lockdown is necessary to slow down the spread of the virus. That doesn’t minimize the fact that this decision comes as a huge disappointment to us because we are more ready than ever to open our doors again for you!

We will continue to offer you ONLINE LIVE lessons on a daily basis over the coming period while we remain closed.

This will allow you to stay fit, relaxed and healthy!

Through your laptop, phone or computer you can follow various active workouts and yoga classes from the comfort of your living room twice a day, 7 days a week. You will continue to receive the invitation emails in your inbox every day.

In addition to the online classes we will also regularly post various messages and fun videos on our Facebook page. So keep an eye on it!

And lastly, behind the scenes we are busy setting up a fun and diverse program for this spring and summer!

We will offer various challenging workshops, special lessons and fun events to our members, as soon as we get a little more freedom from the government.

We are looking forward to this so much! No doubt you are too!

Click here to see a “sneak preview” of our “Activity Calendar 2021”.

Registration for the workshops and events is now possible by emailing info@in-tension.nl. Reservations for the special lessons can be made through our online reservation system at www.in-tension.nl (one week prior to the lesson). Further information and the exact start times of the activities will follow soon!

We would like to thank you again so much for your continued support during this difficult time and we hope to see you again as soon as possible!

Hold on for just a little longer !!!

With healthy and fit greetings,

On behalf of the entire InTension Team.