Newsletter june

Dear members of InTension,

We are so happy to be able to re-open our doors on July 1st! We can’t wait to welcome you all back to InTension.

We will open on July 1stunder new and strict conditions, based on the advice of the OMT. These new conditions will allow our members to exercise safely and will also protect our staff . We will use the coming weeks to make any final adjustments in the building on the basis of the recommendations that will be made known by the OMT soon.

Group lesson schedule JUNE
Throughout June you will still be able to enjoy our live online lessons and our outdoor lessons.

Click here to check out the recently adjusted group lesson schedule

Due to the unexpected popularity of our outdoor ‘Silent Spinning’ classes, we will add an extra class on Monday evenings at 18:00 (starting June 8th), on Friday mornings at 9:00 (starting June 5th) and on Saturday mornings at 9:00 (starting June 6th). We would like to request that you only book 1 Silent Spinning class per day so that everyone that wants to actually gets the opportunity to join. If there is space is available at the start time of the class you are obviously welcome to participate in a second class. The “Yoga on the beach” class on Saturday morning at Boonoonoonoos will be moved to 9:15 am. In addition, due to the large turnout, we will offer a special sports program at Boonoonoonoos every Sunday morning in June: 9:15 X-Core, 10:00 Aerobics and 11:00 Bootcamp! BE THERE! Reserve a spot for our outdoor classes at

‘Bring a friend’promotion
From now on, our ‘Bring a friend’ promotion will start. As a member of InTension you can introduce someone during our outdoor classes this month. If this family member or friend becomes a member with one of our annual subscriptions, he or she will NOT pay the entrance fee and you will also receive a € 25 discount on the next month. Reserve a spot for your ‘friend’ in one of our outdoor classes by sending an email to

Thank you so much for all the encouraging and heartwarming messages you have all sent us in these difficult times. Your support and understanding means the world to us and has given us the strength to continue on through all of the uncertainty.

We look forward to welcoming you back in June on our online live lesson platform and at our outdoor lessons … AND on July 1st finally re-opening the doors to INTension !!! We will inform you of all the details of the reopening in our June newsletter at the end of this month.

Just hold on one more month!

Stay strong & safe.

Warm regards,

The InTension Team.