We’ve got good news!

Despite not being able to physically open our doors yet, we have been working hard over the past two months to provide our members with alternative options in order to keep moving and stay fit. We have adapted and added various activities:

  • our WODs (workout of the day) on Facebook
  • the online lessons on
  • the live online classes hosted by our own instructors (Yoga, Yin Yoga, X-Core, Power, Fitness & Total Body)
  • Outdoor Fitness Circuit on the square behind InTension
  • Outdoor Youth Fitness and 55 Fit on the square behind InTension
  • Body & Mind classes in the Westbroekpark and on the beach at Boonoonoonoos
  • Every Sunday a SPECIAL workout on the beach at Boonoonoonoos (Bootcamp, Aerobics and X-Core)

Starting this week we will also start offering our unique outdoor “Silent Spinning” classes on the square behind InTension. Every participant will receive a headset on one of our spinning bikes and will hear the instructor’s music and instructions. Would you like to join? These are the lesson times:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays at 09:30 & 10:00
  • Mondays & Thursdays at 18:30 & 19:00
  • Wednesdays at 18:00, 18:30 & 19:00

These 30 minute classes can be combined with our outdoor fitness classes that are adjacent to this.

Just like for our other outdoor lessons, you can reserve the “Silent Spinning” lessons through our online reservation system at Have you not received your login details yet? Send an e-mail to We will start with the first “Silent Spinning” classes next Wednesday! Make sure to reserve your spinning bike now!

Due to the huge success this past weekend we will be offering an extra Bootcamp lesson on next Sunday 24th of May at Boonoonoonoos at 10:00 (before the SPECIAL Aerobics at 11 am). You can also register for this via our online reservation system.

View our full group lesson schedule here …

We hope to receive more clarity from the government soon about a possible earlier opening date. If we are not allowed to open our doors yet on June 1st you will be able to continue choosing one the three options we provided you the last time. These options allow you to choose how you want to continue supporting InTension. We will of course respect any choice you make:

Option 1: I am a supporter of InTension Health Club and will continue to pay my membership fees. I feel it’s important to continue supporting my club in these difficult times.

Option 2: I am a supporter of InTension Health Club but please debit 50% of my membership fees for the time that InTension is closed.

Option 3: I am a supporter of InTension Health Club but I’m struggling as it is, so I would like to freeze my membership for the time that InTension is closed.

Please note that when choosing option 3 (freeze) you cannot make use of any of the lessons during the time that InTension is closed.

If you don’t inform us of any changes we will assume that your choice regarding your membership is the same as the one that you made for the month of May. If you prefer to choose another option you can send an email to Have fun with all of the other activities for now!

Stay strong & safe!

On behalf of the InTension team