InTension is going outside

Good news! InTension is going outside! Although we are not allowed to open the physical doors to the gym for the time being, starting on Monday, May 11th we will add outdoor lessons to our program as well as continue our online live lessons. These outdoor lessons will be led by our trusted instructors at three different locations near InTension. This will be done within the frameworks that the government has drawn up on the basis of the RIVM guidelines. This way, InTension is a little step closer to its members! 

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Starting on Monday May 11th, we will offer outdoor Fitness classes and various outdoor Body & Mind classes at three different locations near InTension: on the big square out in front of InTension, in the Westbroekpark and at Beachclub Boonoonoonoos. This is the schedule for our outdoor lessons: nog toevoegen

Participation in our outdoor lessons is only possible by appointment through our online reservation system on our website Do you not yet have login details? Send an email to info@in-tension.nlIf the morning outdoor lessons cannot take place due to the weather conditions, the instructor will notify everyone on Facebook around 8 a.m. and around 5 p.m. regarding the evening outdoor lessons. So follow our Facebook page at to check whether or not the lesson will go ahead that morning or evening.

It is important that you stay at home in case of any health complaints like a fever, flu, cold and / or other Corona-related symptoms. We kindly request you avoid physical contact with the instructor and other participants and keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters. Bringing your own towel and water is mandatory. There is no changing room and toilet visits are unfortunately not possible.

  • Outdoor Fitness: in the square

On the big square in front of InTension we will host 6 outdoor Fitness classes in the mornings from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to noon and 6 outdoor Fitness classes in the evenings from Monday to Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm. This outdoor Fitness class is a 30-minute intensive Total Body workout based on functional exercises. It’s similar to our InTensity lesson. The classes are open to everyone since every participant can train at his or her own level. For our 55+ group, we’ll organize a custom 55+ outdoor Fitness class on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the last half hour from 11:00 am to 11:45 am.

We use the ‘come & go’ system in the flow of these lessons: make sure you are present on the square just before the start of the lesson and leave the square immediately after cleaning the materials so that the next group can start right away.

  • Outdoor Youth Fitness: in the square

We will also offer a Youth Fitness class on the big square in front of InTension 3 times a week on Monday and Friday from 17:15 – 18:00 pm and wednesday from 16:00 – 16:45 pm.

  • Outdoor Body & Mind classes: at the park / on the beach

Our outdoor Body & Mind classes “at the park” will take place during the week in the Westbroekpark. We’ll meet at the bridge at the entrance of the Westbroekpark on the side of Korfbalvereniging KVS. Five minutes before the start of the lesson the group will enter the park together and search for a quiet and suitable place together with the instructor.

The outdoor Yoga class “on the beach” is on Saturday morning and takes place on the beach at Beachclub Boonoonoonoos. We’ll meet on the stairs in front of Boonoonoonoos. The instructor will take the group to where the lesson will take place five minutes before the start.

You are required to bring your own yoga mat to participate in our outdoor Body & Mind classes.

  • Outdoor SPECIALS: on the beach

On Sundays in May we will have three outdoor SPECIALS at 11 am:

May 17th Bootcamp by Steffan

May 24th Aerobics by Heleen

May 31st X-Core by Lorenzo

We’ll meet on the stairs in front of Boonoonoonoos. The instructor will take the group to where the lesson will take place five minutes before the start of the lesson. We will provide the X-Core tubes for the lesson of May 31st. If you have your own X-Core tube then please bring that instead.


Considering the outdoor lessons actually taking place is dependent on the weather conditions we will continue to offer the various online live lessons we have so far over the coming period. Are you not receiving the daily invitations to the online lessons and would you like to? Send an email to

You can also view all our online lessons  that we offer from now on. To do this click on “Yes, I want to participate” in the invitation email of the lesson you want to join and you can view it again.


As a result of our compensation proposal (see, if you opted for option 3 (to pause your membership for the time being) then unfortunately you cannot participate in our outdoor lessons and online live lesson. If you would like to participate in these lessons you are free to go back to option 1 (continue to pay in full) or option 2 (50% discount). You can let us know by sending an email to

We are so happy that we will see some of you starting next Monday, out in the open air!

We hope you enjoy our outdoor lessons and online live lessons!


Healthy regards,

The InTension team