Gezondheidstip van de maand: STAY STRONG In these trying times it is particularly challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to continue eating a variety of healthy products and drink plenty of water and tea. Keep your metabolism high and exercise regularly. In order to be of service to you outside the club we are offering the use of the 24/7 online sports service, FitSnacks.TV. With this service you can be engaged in sports, health and lifestyle at any time of the day. In addition, InTension fitness trainers will post a WOD every day on the InTension Facebook page. WOD stands for “Workout of the day” and consists of a series of exercises that can be performed in different ways. From 6th of April we offer LIVE Online lessons by our own instructors. By offering you these options InTension hopes to keep its members fit and healthy. STAY STRONG!