Reopening 19th of May

Based on the relaxed restrictions by the RIVM (subject to change),we open our doors again from Wednesday May 19th for individual training in the fitness areas!  Before you come to exercise it is important that you have read this letter carefully!


We will open under strict and responsible conditions to allow our customers to exercise safely and to protect our staff. These conditions are based on the agreements set forth by the RIVM. We are relying on your compliance regarding the following terms:

Exercising is not permitted if you have a fever (38 degrees or more) / flu / cold and / or other Corona-related symptoms, or if someone in your household has a fever or other Corona-related symptoms. You bear a great responsibility in this respect towards your fellow athletes and our employees:

* Immediately upon entering InTension, we ask that you wash your hands at our sink or to disinfect your hands with the disinfectant that we offer you upon entry;

* Exercise in the fitness area is only allowed by “appointment”. This also applies to customers who use personal training. You can make a reservation for your training in advance starting May 19th through our online reservation system. Do you not have a username and password for this yet? Send an email to so that you can receive the necessary information for online reservations through our new app. You are allowed to exercise for a maximum of 1 hour and arrive at InTension no more than 5 minutes before the start time. Upon arrival at InTension we will check whether you have booked a slot at our entrance.

We request that you enter InTension wearing your gear, ready to exercise. You can change your shoes in the changing rooms and use the lockers to store other items if you need to.

After using any fitness equipment or other materials we request that you immediately clean them with the disinfectant spray bottle and towel that we offer to everyone upon arrival;

The use of showers and saunas is not yet permitted. Our toilets are accessible. We request that you to clean them immediately after use with toilet paper and the disinfectant spray bottle that you received upon arrival;

We also request that you stick to the 1.5 meter distance rule everywhere at InTension and avoid physical contact with others;

Individual training in the fitness rooms

The main fitness area and the ‘InTensity’ area will be available for individual training. You can ask our trainers any questions you might have. They can also help you set up a personal training schedule (again). You can also make a fitness test appointment at our reception.

Outdoor group lessons

Until we get the go ahead for our indoor group lessons we will continue to offer a wide range of outdoor group lessons over the coming period:

– Outdoor Fitness classes on the InTension square

– Outdoor youth fitness classes on the InTension square

– Outdoor 55 fit lessons on the InTension square

– Outdoor Spinning classes on the patio

– Bootcamp training in Westbroekpark and at Boonoonoonoos

– Beach X-Core at Boonoonoonoos

– Beach Yoga at Boonoonoonoos

– Park Pilates at Boonoonoonoos

View our current schedule of our outdoor group lessons here

You can make a reservation in advance through our online reservation system. Don’t have a username and password yet? Send an email to so that you can receive the necessary information for online reservation through our new app. We ask that you cancel your reserved class in plenty of time so that other people can take your spot if they want. 

Online classes

We will also continue to offer our online live lessons for the time being. You will receive an invitation through e-mail every day.

Our new app also offers you even more options than before. Now you can review lessons that have been offered online whenever and wherever you want. There are currently a select number of lessons available but our aim is to expand the selection as soon as possible. Log in with your personal login details and click on the “Lifestyle” icon. Click on “Online Lessons” and choose your favorite lesson, including Fitness, Yoga, Power and Spinning. You can also follow these lessons at InTension of course. The main fitness area and spinning room are both available during your reserved exercise time (including necessary materials, for example to be able to do the Power lesson) You can watch our online lessons back on your phone or iPad!

Catering & childcare

The bar and childcare services will be closed for the time being. Items from the bar are available “to go”.

We want to sincerely thank you again for your support and heartwarming messages over the recent period. Your words of encouragement have given us so much strength and confidence in these challenging times. We look forward to seeing you back at InTension starting May 19th!  If you have any questions or comments before then feel free to send an email to

With healthy regards,

On behalf of the entire InTension Team