NEW: SclptCycle

We will soon transform our spinning room into a party location with the latest SclptCycle class from House of Workouts. SclptCycle is the newest thing on the scene of full-body workouts. During this high-energy cycling workout, we use Sclpt® tubes to train the core and arm muscles. This workout will seriously challenge your endurance, leg muscles, and upper body muscles in this 45-minute workout, and you will quickly burn 600 calories. SculptCyle is also super high energy because .of the party music! Thanks to the high energy of the instructors, the swinging choreography, and the exciting music, the SclptCycling class doesn’t feel like a workout, more like a party! You can find it on our schedule starting in September on Tuesday evenings at 18:30, Thursday mornings at 09:30, and Sunday mornings at 10:30. Enjoy the ride!