Healthy Lifestyle Intervention (GLI) X-Fittt

With X-Fittt, you can lose weight responsibly and adopt a more active, healthier lifestyle. People who are overweight, inactive, and have unhealthy lifestyle habits are the main targets of X-Fittt GLI. A unique combination of exercise, nutrition, and professional guidance makes up X-Fittt GLI. The first groups within the X-Fittt GLI trajectory will begin within InTension Health Club as soon as possible. X- Fittt GLI is always guided by an accredited lifestyle coach. At InTension, this is Steffan Schobben, a fitness trainer and personal trainer. Sign up now, as the first intakes have already taken place! You can contact us by emailing

This program has helped thousands of participants gain a healthy weight. You learn how to live a healthy lifestyle through the program.

Members of InTension can receive free guidance if their general practitioner, internist, or specialist refers them. The process starts immediately after a referral customer schedules an intake. Payment for the program is done through your health insurance and is included in the basic package. Could this be the beginning of your healthy lifestyle? You can register right now!