Athlete of the month MARCH: Marleen Nauta

When Marleen Nauta moved to Scheveningen 7 years ago, she began looking for new gyms in the area. After wandering around for a while, she entered InTension and was instantly smitten! Along with the homely feeling, she appreciates the professional approach, involvement, and conviviality of InTension. She also participates in fun activities at the beach, workshops, and yoga weekends. At InTension, Marleen prefers the Power class (twice a week), Warm Yoga (twice a week), and Yin Yoga when she has time.

She used to focus solely on getting a ‘tight body’, but now that she also participates in the X-fittt program, under Stacey’s expert guidance, exercise is about much more: vitality. She defines it as a healthy relationship between mind, body, and soul. She exercises more, eats a healthy diet, quit smoking, and reduced her alcohol consumption to achieve this goal. As a result, she has become more relaxed, slept better, and her high blood pressure has decreased! She found everything she was looking for in a gym at InTension. Congratulations to Marleen on being named athlete of the month for March. It’s a free month for her in March!