Update Lockdown

Dear InTension members,

Unfortunately the government has decided that we have to keep our doors closed until March 2nd.

We fully understand that this extended lockdown is necessary to slow down the spread of the virus. That doesn’t minimize the fact that this decision comes as a huge disappointment to us because we are more ready than ever to open our doors again for you!

We will continue to offer you ONLINE LIVE lessons on a daily basis over the coming period while we remain closed.

This will allow you to stay fit, relaxed and healthy!

Through your laptop, phone or computer you can follow various active workouts and yoga classes from the comfort of your living room twice a day, 7 days a week. You will continue to receive the invitation emails in your inbox every day.

In addition to the online classes we will also regularly post various messages and fun videos on our Facebook page. So keep an eye on it!

And lastly, behind the scenes we are busy setting up a fun and diverse program for this spring and summer!

We will offer various challenging workshops, special lessons and fun events to our members, as soon as we get a little more freedom from the government.

We are looking forward to this so much! No doubt you are too!

Click here to see a “sneak preview” of our “Activity Calendar 2021”.

Registration for the workshops and events is now possible by emailing info@in-tension.nl. Reservations for the special lessons can be made through our online reservation system at www.in-tension.nl (one week prior to the lesson). Further information and the exact start times of the activities will follow soon!

We would like to thank you again so much for your continued support during this difficult time and we hope to see you again as soon as possible!

Hold on for just a little longer !!!

With healthy and fit greetings,

On behalf of the entire InTension Team.

InTension closed until January 19th

Dear InTension member,

As you may have heard, the government has decided to close our doors from Tuesday 15th of December until further notice. Don’t worry, you can definitely stay active in the time being. We will keep you going from a distance.

Starting tomorrow InTension will offer online classes given by our trusted instructors! Follow various workouts and yoga classes via your laptop, phone or computer. Available twice a day, seven days a week. Stay fit, relaxed and healthy with InTension from home!

Here is an overview of the online LIVE classes we will provide for you:

Click here for the lesson schedule

From tonight onwards you will receive an email invitation every evening, to participate in the two classes of the following day. All you have to do is open the class 10 minutes prior to the start of the class and enjoy the LIVE class! The LIVE classes will last approximately 60 minutes.

The instructions in short:
● Open the mail of the class you want to join
● Check whether it is the correct class with the right date and time
● Then click on the orange button that says “Ja ik wil mee doen”
● Click on the “Play” button and wait for the class to begin!

What do you need to follow the LIVE lessons?
● A laptop, computer or phone
● For the Yin Yoga classes: a pillow and a blanket
● For the X-Core lessons: a soda bottle halfway filled with sand or water
● For the Fitness/Total Body workouts: a backpack filled with heavy books, a towel and a drink

If you can’t find our daily emails in your inbox, please check your spam. In case, you haven’t received them, send an email to info@in-tension.nl and we will forward the email invitations to you. Besides, it is possible to watch the class at a later moment, via the emails you will receive. Also then, you will have to press “Ja ik wil mee doen”.

Moreover, we will post weekly workouts on our FaceBook page. So follow InTension on FaceBook now and stay tuned!

Despite the fact that InTension will be closed in the coming period, it will remain accessible to patients of the physiotherapy practice. Check your insurance policy for physiotherapy coverage now and make use of it before the end of the year. The Physiotherapy Scheveningen team is here for you! Make an appointment by calling 0614194008 or 0651981345 (Also available via Whatsapp).Wishing you the best workouts and lots of fun following our online classes!

Stay strong & safe

Warm regards,

The InTension Team

15 Year Anniversary of InTension

On December 1st InTension Health Club will have been located at the Marcelisstraat for 15 years! We are so grateful for this. Of course we would like to celebrate this in style with all of you, but given the current Corona measures we are postponing the celebration until next year.

Athlete of the month December: Raijmond Romijn

Raijmond, 53 years old, joined us in January this past year. He used to do a lot of strength training but due to a motorcycle accident in 2008 he was unfortunately forced to stop at the time. Because his son Ray started with us doing Youth Judo, Raijmond started to notice the desire to get back into fitness. He slowly started picking up the thread again to regain his fitness. Now he really has a taste for it and trains no fewer than 4 times a week. As athlete of the month Raijmond will receive his December membership for free! Congratulations!!!

Workshop Reiki & Yin Yoga

Due to the great success of the last one we added an extra workshop Reiki & Yin Yoga in January; the session in November was fully booked, so make sure you register quickly for a spot on the mat!

Treat yourself to a special Reiki & Yin Yoga session to support your physical, mental and emotional health. De subtle energy of Yin Yoga will be combined with the healing power of Reiki.  Both techniques reinforce each other so that after this unique session you immediately experience the self-healing effect in the form of a charged and positive feeling. The workshop consists of carefully selected soft Yin postures that are combined with Reiki. It is not intensive exercising, but taking the time for your body and mind.

The workshop will be held on January 17th from 13:00-15:00 by Damaris; Yoga & Reiki teacher, master with a love for Yin Yoga.

Sunday November 22nd from 13:00h to 15:00h

Fees are €20 for members and €25 for non-members.

Yin Yoga is a calm meditative yoga variation in which the positions are held longer. The positions are performed while sitting or lying down and are mainly aimed at strengthening and relaxing connective tissue and joints. It’s a very relaxing way of doing yoga.
Reiki is a relaxation therapy that can be used for physical and mental complaints. It’s a method that through laying hands releases blocked or extra energy within the body.

 * Suitable for all ages, body types and levels. It is not necessary to have done yoga before

December special: Restorative XL Yoga workshop EXTRA WORKSHOP

The Restorative XL Yoga workshop on Sunday December 20th from 13:30 to 15:30 is FULLY BOOKED. That is why we are offering an EXTRA workshop! It will also take place on Sunday December 20th from 16:00 to 18:00. Register soon because spaces are limited! Send an email to jose@in-tension.nl or register at our reception.

This amazing 2-hour Restorative Yoga workshop ensures that you fully recover from 2020 and start 2021 feeling fresh and recharged! The workshop is less about “doing” and more about “being”.

We maintain the seated and lying down poses for a longer period of time. By doing this we activate our so-called parasympathetic nervous system, the system that allows our body and brain to rest, recover and process. Body and mind are inseparably linked. Restorative yoga offers a wonderful opportunity to turn inward, peel off layers and surrender ourselves to who we really are. Restorative yoga poses are extremely comfortable. We aim for maximum relaxation. Perhaps this yoga form is not that much of a physical challenge, but letting go and surrendering yourself to calm and full presence may be even more challenging. Treat yourself to the happiness of silence and tranquility in these hectic times.

Both workshops will be taught by our yoga instructor Jose.

Fees are €20 for members and €25 for non-members.

Changes group class schedule

We are so happy that we can offer our group lessons again as of last week. Given the high demand and limited number of spaces in a number of popular classes, we have decided to add four classes to the group lesson schedule as of December 1st:

  • Tuesday 09:30 Spinning
  • Tuesday 18:30 Spinning
  • Tuesday 20:15 Kick IT
  • Thursday 10:30 Power

Click here to see the adjusted group class schedule.

You can sign up for these lessons through our online reservation system

Update group lessons

Dear members,

We are very happy that the government has decided that we can offer our group lessons again starting from thursday. We will return to our regular group lesson schedule (click here for our group lesson schedule) from two weeks ago. The KRAV MAGA lessons for adults will still be unavailable for the time being as we cannot stick to 1.5 meters distance there. The online classes we have been offering over the past two weeks can be viewed through the emails you received until December 3rd. If you want to join those, click on “Yes I want to participate”

We will still have to adhere to a number of strict measures to be able to continue to guarantee the safety of our members and our employees. Please read this again carefully:

  • Exercising is only allowed by “appointment”. You can make a reservation in advance through our online reservation system. Do you not yet have a username and password? Send an email to info@in-tension.nl and we will send you the necessary information for online reservations.
    This applies to our group lessons as well as independent training in our fitness area. You are allowed to train for a maximum of 1 hour and be present at InTension for a maximum of 5 minutes before starting. If you decide to come without reserving beforehand you risk not being able to work out due to the maximum capacity having been reached.
  • If you have to cancel your reservation make sure you do it on time (at least one hour in advance), so that those waiting on the reserve list don’t miss out.
  • Exercising is not allowed if you have a fever (38 degrees or higher), flu / cold and / or other Corona symptoms. In order to guarantee that our members don’t have a fever, the group lesson instructors will measure the temperature of all participants prior to the group lessons. At 38 degrees or higher, the person in question will unfortunately be sent home immediately. Members who are coming to exercise alone can measure their own temperature. Our Personal trainers and Physiotherapist will measure their own clients prior to the training.
  • We firmly request that you enter InTension already wearing your workout clothes. Participants for lessons in the InTensity area, main group lesson area and Spinning room can change shoes in that room and leave their other belongings there (clothing, bag, etc). The participants of the lessons in the Body & Mind area can place their shoes on the appropriate shoe racks and take their other belongings into the room. The participants for the HIT IT classes and those coming to exercise in the training area can change their shoes in the changing rooms and use the lockers to store other items.
  • Please do not use the changing rooms for changing your clothes, you are required to arrive and leave in your workout clothes.
  • Showers and saunas are still off limits.

We hope we have informed you sufficiently in this newsletter. We trust that you will respect our rules and regulations.

If you still have any questions after reading this news flash, feel free to send an email to info@in-tension.nl or contact our reception by phone at 070-3318811.

We look forward to seeing you in our group lessons!

Stay safe & stay strong!

Warm greetings,

Simon & Damaris

On behalf of everyone in the InTension team.

Workshop Restorative XL Yoga

This wonderful 2-hour Restorative Yoga workshop ensures that you fully recover from 2020 and start your 2021 with new energy! The workshop is less about “doing” and more about “being present”. We hold the sitting and lying postures for a longer period of time. That way we activate our so-called para-symphatic nervous system, the system that allows our body and brain to rest, recover and process. Body and mind are inseparably linked. Restorative yoga offers a wonderful opportunity to turn inward, peel off layers and surrender ourselves to who you really are inside. Restorative yoga poses are very comfortable and easy going and we aim to find a maximum relaxation. Perhaps this yoga form is not that much of a physical challenge, but all about letting go and surrendering yourself to calm and full presence, which may be much more challenging.

Treat yourself to the happiness of silence and tranquility in these hectic times. Are you up 13:30 to 15:30 on December 20th and will be hosted by our yoga instructor Jose. Fees are €20,- for members and €25,- for non-members.

Athlete of the month November

49-year-old Bianca has been a member of InTension since March of this year. She wanted to create a more active lifestyle for herself and so she joined InTension with all the best intentions right before the Corona crisis started. Shortly thereafter the lock down started… fortunately she had already gotten started in her workouts and followed the online lessons during that period. Now she is very grateful that we can stay open and enjoys at least five group lessons a week, including Spinning and Power. Since her start at InTension she has felt a lot fitter and her condition has improved considerably. As athlete of the month November, Bianca will receive her membership for free this month! We would like to wish Bianca lots of active fun and congratulate her on becoming Athlete of the Month!