Athlete of the month: Mario Hakkaart

The 52-year-old Mario Hakkaart is ‘athlete of the month of May’. Mario has been exercising at InTension for over 3 years and loves to join Spinning, HIT IT and Power classes. He also does strength training in the fitness area. He exercises to keep his weight down and to stay in shape. He loves the homely feeling at InTension! He also loves joining in on all the InTension events, including the retreat weekends and the Beach Volleyball Tournaments. Congratulations to Mario for becoming ‘athlete of the month’. No membership fees for Mario this month!

Yoga Day Retreat Ascension Day Thursday May 26th 2022

Are you in need of relaxing and slowing down the pace of life? Immerse yourself during a day full of different types of yoga, meditation, relaxation and a delicious food. Give yourself this awesome gift! On Thursday 26th InTension will be closed so that you can enjoy a wonderful yoga retreat day in peace, get away from the hustle of everyday life and reconnect with yourself. Feel reborn after this beautiful day with the following program:


10:30  Reception with coffee or tea

11:00  ‘Go with the Flow’ Yoga

12:30  Lunch

13:30  Yin Yoga with a touch of Reiki

15:00  Coffee / tea with sweet treats

15:30  Aerial Yoga Nidra

16:00  Closing

Our yoga instructors José & Damaris will host the yoga retreat day. Fees are €60.00 for members, €70.00 for non-members. Want to join us? Send an email to

Survival weekend May 21st and 22nd

After the huge success of our two legendary ‘Survival weekends’ in the Belgian Ardennes a few years back, we are organizing another weekend full of outdoor activities. This time it will be a little closer to home…in the beautiful province of Drenthe!

We will spend the night in log cabins in a beautiful campsite in the town of Zwartemeer. Using this as a base, we will get into all kinds of fun outdoor activities, including a ‘survival course’ and ‘paintball’. Breakfast, lunch and BBQ are included and fully catered!

Are you up for some outdoor active adventure in the beautiful nature of Drenthe? Then join us on Saturday May 21st and Sunday May 22nd. The costs for this complete weekend (excluding transport) are €175 p.p. You can register until May 1st by sending an email to or at the reception. You are required to pay a deposit of €50 upon registration. Make sure to sign up soon, there are limited spots available!


This spring and summer we will be offering various challenging workshops, special classes and fun events to our members! We are so looking forward to this! No doubt you too!

The date of our yearly Volleyball Tournament has been moved from July 2nd to June 11th.

Newsflash opening hours

Dear members,

Great news… we can stay open!

Due to the new Corona measures, however, we will be forced to shut our doors at 17:00 on weekdays for the next three weeks.

In order to make the most of your workouts during this time, we have adjusted our group lesson schedule for the time being. We now offer two additional yoga classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 07:15– 08:15 and various afternoon classes on Monday through Friday from 15:45 – 16:45.

Click here for the adjusted group lesson schedule!

You can reserve the early morning and afternoon classes through our online reservation system in the InTension app, just like you normally would.

You can also follow online classes (POWER, YOGA and X-CORE) in your personal InTension account at ‘WORK OUTS’ at home or at InTension at any time!

At InTension you are free to use the main fitness area.

All fitness appointments for the next three weeks that are made on weekdays after 17:00 will be cancelled. If we have not been able to reach you by telephone, you can contact our reception on 070-3318811 to schedule a new appointment.

The babysitter, changing rooms and saunas will available.

We would like to thank you for understanding and look forward to seeing you soon!

Warm regards on behalf of the InTension team

Workshop: Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

In this 2-hour workshop, our yoga instructor José will take you on a journey into ultimate relaxation of body and mind. This afternoon truly is a gift to yourself. We spend more time in supported restorative yoga poses

and experience what it feels like to really slow down and approach our body from a place of kindness. Deep relaxation creates space in the body, breathing and the mind. From this relaxed state we dive into Yoga Nidra: ‘The sleep of the Yogi’. So relaxing!

When? Sunday November 24th from 15:00 to 17:00

Fees? 20.00 for members, 25.00 for non-members

Sign up via

Workshop: relaxing and fragrant journey through the Chakras.

This workshop will be presented as a long Yin Yoga class where we treat all 7 Chakras of the body. We handle each Chakra with a carefully selected gentle Yin approach and support it with the powerful effect of essential oils.

The healing power of Reiki will also be an essential part of the session, where relaxation and recharging are central themes. Enjoy a 2-hour Reiki journey through the chakras with supportive scented oils.

The workshop is hosted by Damaris; Yoga teacher & Reiki Master with a love for Yin Yoga.

When? Sunday, October 31st from 15:00 to 17:00.

Fees: € 20 for members (€ 25 for non-members), registration via

Yin Yoga is a calm meditative  style of yoga in which the positions are held for Longer than usual. The positions are performed while sitting or lying down and are mainly aimed at strengthening and relaxing connective tissue and joints. It’s a very relaxing form of  yoga.

Reiki is a relaxation therapy that can be used for physical and mental complaints. It’s a method that through placing hands on the body releases blocked or extra energy.

* Suitable for all ages, body types and levels. It is not necessary to have done yoga before

Workshop Yoga for Parent & Toddler: connecting, trust & flexibility

On Wednesday afternoon in the Fall school holiday, our yoga instructors Rachel and Fi will host a yoga workshop for Parents & Toddlers ages 2 – 4! In this fun workshop they will help you and your child work on connecting, trust & flexibility. The workshop increases your child’s body and spatial awareness, balance and coordination. It also helps them regulate their emotions. You will be given the tools to practice yoga with your child in a way that is calming and relaxing. Would you like to join us? Wednesday October 20th from 14:00 to 15:30. Fees are € 20,00 for members; € 25,00 for non-members. Then sign up for this special workshop at InTension! Send an email to to sign up. Please state your name and the name of your child in the email.

Workshop Reiki & Yin Yoga

Treat yourself to a special Reiki & Yin Yoga session to support your physical, mental and emotional health. De subtle energy of Yin Yoga will be combined with the healing power of Reiki.  Both techniques reinforce each other so that after this unique session you immediately experience the self-healing effect in the form of a charged and positive feeling. The workshop consists of carefully selected soft Yin postures that are combined with Reiki. It is not intensive exercising, but taking the time for your body and mind.

The workshop will be led by Damaris; Yoga & Reiki teacher, master with a love for Yin Yoga.

When? Sunday September 26th from 15:00 to 17:00.

Fees are €20 for members and €25 for non-members. Sign up by sending an email to

Yin Yoga is a calm meditative yoga variation in which the positions are held longer. The positions are performed while sitting or lying down and are mainly aimed at strengthening and relaxing connective tissue and joints. It’s a very relaxing way of doing yoga.

Reiki is a relaxation therapy that can be used for physical and mental complaints. It’s a method that through laying hands releases blocked or extra energy within the body.

* Suitable for all ages, body types and levels. It is not necessary to have done yoga before

Workshop Flow & Yoga Nidra

Treat yourself to a wonderful afternoon with a Flow & Yoga Nidra session: a blessing for your body and mind! On Sunday August 29th, our yoga instructor José will lead you into a relaxed yoga flow where you turn into your body and just let the energy flow. During the second part of the workshop you will fall into a full relaxation with Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is also called the Yoga of Sleep. This term does not quite cover it… although during Yoga Nidra it may seem as if you are sleeping, you are actually very alert and present, balancing between a waking and sleeping state. In this state you can connect with your subconscious. Through the guided relaxation, breathing exercises and visualizations you enter a deep state of relaxation and tranquility. In this state, experiences and fragments of memories are processed, muscle tension and stress in the body decreases, and blood pressure and heart rate drops. This has a incredibly healing effect on body and mind. Come and let yourself be surprised by this unique yoga experience!

Join us on August 29th from 15:00 to 17:00.

Fees are €20 for members (€25 for non-members). Registration via