Sportsperson of the month January: Eric Rog

Eric Rog has been a member since May 2018 and starting out straight away with personal trainer Calijn Muller His goal was to become fitter and lose weight. Over the past 7 months he has managed to lose 35 kilo’s and has completely changed around his lifestyle. Eating healthier,  strength training 3 times a week and cardio twice a week have helped him become a newer, healthier version of himself. Eric has two motto’s; ‘failure is not an option’ and ‘stick to the winners!’
The fact that he lives by those motto’s is clearly seen in his amazing results. He is more motivated than ever to continue his improvements with trainer Calijn.
We would like to wish Eric lots of luck over the coming time!! He deserves to be sports person of the month January! And gets his membership for free this month!