InTension Health Club Closed due to Coronavirus

As a result of the Corona crisis the Dutch government has decided that all sports and fitness clubs must close immediately. InTension Health Club also feels a responsibility to protect its members and employees. The most important thing over the coming time is that we all take care of ourselves and our loved ones.
These government measures apply to all areas of the Netherlands until April 6th.

We understand and respect that these decisions and measures are inconvenient for everyone involved. As an alternative we are offering you ‘Fitsnacks’ for free: 

This link offers you various training options so that you can stay fit from the comfort and safety of your own home.

You will receive the free login code for ‘Fitsnacks’ as soon as possible.

We will keep you informed of any further developments as they happen.

Warm regards,
The team at InTension

Workshop Tibetan Yoga

Join us on Sunday March 15th for a Tibetan Yoga workshop from 13:00 until 15:00 at InTension. Tibetan yoga brings you into the here and now and makes you feel at home with your inner strength. Mariette de Kroon, teacher of Tibetan yoga and Teacher Trainer leads the workshop. The workshop will allow you to experience a set of simple and flowing movements that will cause you to find a deep physical energetic and mental balance. The poses are based on the wisdom of nature and Tibetan healing. We teach you to use the body in a smart way that allow the body, breath and spirit to work together in harmony. You can help your back to become more flexible and strong. You will experience feeling more space in your body and mind and will feel a more energetic sense of relaxation! Are you curious? Sign up for this unique workshop by sending an email to! Fees are 15 euros for members and 20 euros for non-members. The workshop is suitable for all ages and expertise levels but is also very interesting for experienced yogi’s.

Workshop Yoga, Sound & Meditation

On Sunday afternoon April 19th from 13:00 to 15:30 our yoga instructor Chantal will host a special in-depth workshop in which Yoga, Sound & Meditation all come together. During this workshop you will connect yoga with sound, helping you to truly listen to your body. By getting in touch with your body in this way you can increase the understanding, softening and transformation of your body. You will experience what the vibration of sound and singing can mean for your presence and awareness. Singing the mantra creates flow. Repeating and singing in this simple way helps you to understand that the vibration has its own dynamics and creates a flow in your body. In meditation you can experience how sound and singing contribute to clarity of mind and a keener sense of perception. The workshop will be concluded with a nice long relaxation exercise and will be musically supported on percussion and guitar! Are you curious about this special yoga and singing experience? Then sign up for this workshop via! The fees for the workshop are 15.00 for members and 20.00 for non-members.

Sportsperson of the month January: Eric Rog

Eric Rog has been a member since May 2018 and starting out straight away with personal trainer Calijn Muller His goal was to become fitter and lose weight. Over the past 7 months he has managed to lose 35 kilo’s and has completely changed around his lifestyle. Eating healthier,  strength training 3 times a week and cardio twice a week have helped him become a newer, healthier version of himself. Eric has two motto’s; ‘failure is not an option’ and ‘stick to the winners!’
The fact that he lives by those motto’s is clearly seen in his amazing results. He is more motivated than ever to continue his improvements with trainer Calijn.
We would like to wish Eric lots of luck over the coming time!! He deserves to be sports person of the month January! And gets his membership for free this month!

The Challenge 2019

The end of the year is nearing and with that also the temptations that the holiday season has brought! The start of a new year is a great excuse for a lot of people to focus on making healthier choices in exercise and diet. InTension would like to challenge you! Do “The Challenge” and be amazed at the results you can achieve in just three months! For only €50,- a month Sophie Schreuder (certified nutritionist) will guide you personally to reach your goals. Whether that goal is to gain, lose or maintain your weight. Every week you will receive a week-menu that is based on your personal needs. You will also receive complete grocery lists with delicious and easy-to-make recipes. Every other week you get together and discuss your progress and have a weigh-in, as well as regular contact via email and phone. Another advantage is that you can get some of the costs reimbursed through your health insurance. Don’t hesitate any longer, sign up now!  interested, send an email to and check out for more information regarding the nutritional program that will be used. ‘The Challenge’ starts in January.

Winter Group Lesson Schedule

Starting in January there will be a new FULL winter group lesson schedule. The schedule will be available on our website and at reception! You can sign up for the group lessons through the regular reservation system.

Aerial Yoga & Aerial Fitness

Get swept away in one of our Aerial Yoga classes: a wonderful yoga class in hammocks where you experience more freedom of movement, flexibility and relaxation in your body! To challenge yourself you should try Aerial Fitness: a motivating group lesson in hammocks that combines strength, core stability @ fun! Starting in March 2019 these two unique lessons will be offered in our regular lesson schedule. Make sure to join us for the Aerial Yoga & Aerial Fitness workshops in January and February that we’ll offer every Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 until 15:00! This way you can get accustomed to these two unique lessons. Sign up for the workshops at our reception or via<>! Fees for the workshop are 15,00 p.p. (non-members 20,00)

Tutorial installing webapp

In this tutorial we’re going to explain how you can install our webapp. For those of you that still have our old webapp on their telephone: this one doesn’t work anymore and can be deleted.

Instal webapp for iPhones

Step 1: Open your internetbrowser and go to our website:

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Step 3: Click the button marked in the image herebelow









That’s it! You now have acces to our website through your homescreen

Install webapp for Android

Step 1: Open your internet browser and go to

Step 2: Click on the menu in the upper right corner

Stap 3: Click on ‘add to homescreen’ and pick a name

That’s it! You now have access to our website through our homescreen.